COVID-19 UPDATE – April 20, 2020

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To our valued customers:

As the COVID-19 lock-down continues and WEPC continues to suspend all hands-on in-patient care in adherence with advice from the Provincial Health Officer, we have added the TELEHEALTH option to our suite of services. TELEHEALTH is the internet-based delivery of physiotherapy services, introduced due to mandatory social distancing protocols. It requires a smart phone or a laptop computer with a camera. Although these sessions are not an ideal replacement for hands-on treatments, they can be used in the interim COVID-19 period for sessions supervised by a physiotherapist through a virtual medium. ICBC, as well as some third-party insurers, including GreatWestLife (Canada Life), SunLife, and BlueCross, accept billing for physiotherapy remote sessions. TELEHEALTH may be particularly helpful when you require an expert opinion for acute injury management, to answer questions regarding your current treatment plan, to modify exercise/rehabilitation programs with which you are experiencing issues, or to progress exercises. Since education and exercise prescription comprises a substantial component of injury management, physiotherapists and kinesiologists can address both during TELEHEALTH sessions.

We will re-evaluate our approach based on future updates by Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Provincial Health Officer. As we are all involved in a rapidly evolving situation, we ask that you follow relevant medical advice and recommendations issued by legislated authorities.

We will update this website regularly.

The West End Physio staff here are happy to return emails, and then follow-up with a phone call (if necessary) from your treating therapist. Remember that even in these stressful circumstances, you are not alone. The West End Physio team is still here to provide their professional expertise to support you through these difficult times.

Stay safe and stay home.

West End Physiotherapy Team