Eva Filcova


Out of office for 6 months.

Eva is a registered kinesiologist with the Kinesiologist’s Association of British Columbia. She graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2007 and she has been practicing in her field since. She joined the West End Physiotherapy clinic in 2008. Eva specializes in post-surgical rehabilitation and recovery from traumatic accidents and work-related injuries.

In addition to her work in rehabilitation, Eva has an extensive background in sports as an Olympic athlete and a professional coach. She worked as a trainer at Human Performance with numerous athletes, including hockey players, tennis players, and figure skaters. She coaches rhythmic gymnastics at the provincial, national, and international level and leads conditioning classes with ballet dancers at the prestigious Vanleena Dance Academy. Eva is very passionate about her work, she loves to see improvement in her patients, tries to make their recovery as pleasant as possible and brings an element of joy into each session.